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Lucky Boys Confusion Lucky Boys Confusion
Hayley Holmes
By Alan Ho | Chief Head, Chief Editor/Publisher

Last year saw the return of some of the iconic groups from the mid 90s to early 2000s.  In 2017, we now see the return of a group that is arguably influential to some of the current acts out there like All Time Low.  They are Chicago-area natives Lucky Boys Confusion.  Initially founded in 1997 as a punk-ska-reggae outfit in the same vein as early Eric Stefani-era No Doubt, they grew into a group rooted into rollicking, fun, catchy alt-rock.  A hiatus watched some of the LBC members morph into current Chicago punk rockers AM Taxi, the death of co-founder and lead guitarist Joe Sell and personal struggles for frontman Stubhy Pandav.  But through it all, the members found a way to come back together for their 20th anniversary as a group with their first original album since their then-groundbreaking 2003 effort Commitment titled Stormchasers.

Drummer Ryan Fergus climbs into the Hot Seat in our first hot seater in almost a year and five years for our CEO/co-founder, with his last putting SAFETYSUIT on it!  In this hot seater, Alan and Ryan discuss the group's new album, inspiration behind some of the music in the album, touring and much much more!

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