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Up All Night Rising country act roars onto the country music scene with debut album
Album name: Up All Night
Label: MCA Nashville/UMG Nashville
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Review written by: Maura Harwood
These days, it’s very rare to see a country artist with true country roots. Too many times, the top 40 charts are laden with country pop tunes, and long time country fans find themselves yearning for the Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash days. Though most country artists these days can’t touch the Man in Black, new country artist Kip Moore surely reminds of the days of “true country.”

With his debut album Up All Night, Moore, a Georgia native, manages to provide fans with the rocking country hits they’ve missed like his top 40 single “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck.” The song details the sheer attractive quality of a pickup truck and a country life style, making anyone who listens want to drive some muddy back road, bobbing their head to this country rocker. Similarly, “Reckless (Still Growin’ Up)” is a non-apologetic song about having fun and being young, that nearly anyone can relate to.

Though this album provides plenty of Southern-fried rock songs, such as “Drive Me Crazy” the album opener that tells the story of first love, “Beer Money” which shows off his gravelly voice, and “Fly Again,” that shows off Moore’s true Georgia roots, we’re also introduced to Moore’s sensitive side. The ballad “Everything But You” is a song most can relate to. “Truth is, I’ve finally found a place where I can start to plant some roots. It’s about as close to being perfect, it’s got everything but you,” sings Moore, with his raspy Keith Urban-esque voice. Nearly everyone can relate to being in a place so perfect, but the only thing that could possibly make it better is that one person. It strikes a chord with all of us.

“Faith When I Fall,” a beautiful song with soft guitar lacing each line, is another song that shows off Moore’s emotional side. “Give me strength when I’m standing, and faith when I fall,” asks Moore. The song is exemplifies the power and importance of love, something that is clearly important to Moore, as he includes it in nearly all of his self-penned songs.

The title track “Up All Night” is another happy and romantic song, which describes a relationship in typical country style with beers and dancing under the moon.

Moore also knows how to charm the ladies. The song “Hey Pretty Girl” is a testament to that fact. With sweet lyrics and a happy melody, the song takes us through the chronology of a crush. “Hey pretty girl, what a beautiful life,” Moore croons at the tail end of the song, showing us all that love truly has a happy ending.

The song “Crazy One More Time” is another female charmer with the intensity of any good rock song, as well as “Where You Are Tonight” with its catchy beat and even catchier lyrics in which Moore wonders, “where you are tonight” of his lover.  

Kip Moore’s debut album is a wonderful start to his country music career. With songs that remind us of Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, and Lady Antebellum all rolled into one, Moore’s career is sure to go far!
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