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Welcome to The Countdown Mobile! It is just like the original, except for THREE things:

1. The Top 12 videos will be determined by the first flagship update in the current cycle and up for voting on the mobile version. However, due to the possible fluidity of the Top 12 during any given update cycle on the flagship, there will only be ONE swap of any videos that fall out of the flagship update for ones that enter a day.

2. Then we randomly select 12 videos from the middle and bottom halves of each field and votes from this mobile version may or may not affect their standing in the overall cycle on the flagship Votes for these videos will count QUADRUPLE! So if a video in this section gets 1500 votes, 6000 will be added to the vote total on the flagship!

3. The leaderboard is only updated once a day, so you have to go on something bigger to see more current updates!

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