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Grace VanderWaal Grace VanderWaal | Waste My Time

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The Hot Seat

  • The After Party

    Last year saw the return of some of the iconic groups from the mid 90s to early 2000s.  In 2017, we now see the return of a group that is arguably influential to some of the current acts out there like All Time Low. Go »

  • Tony Lucca - by Amaris Rodriguez
    The After Party

    It was a Wednesday night when singer-songwriter Tony Lucca took the stage at S.P.A.C.E in Evanston, IL to open the show on American Idol alum David Cook’s Digital Vein tour.Go »

  • Hidden Hospitals - by Jake Boshold
    The After Party

    Hidden Hospitals are an independent Alternative/Progressive Rock band consisting of members from two bands from New York: Damiera (David Raymond, vocals & guitar, and Steve Downs, guitar)...Go »

  • Purple - by Gabriella San Felipe

    Purple, the refreshingly honest 3 piece from Texas, are happy to be back on tour and working on their new album due to come out next yearGo »

  • David Cook - by Amaris Rodriguez
    Brendan James

    It was on a rainy Friday night when we got a chance to sit down with singer David Cook. Tucked away in the basement of the popular music venue The Abbey in Chicago...Go »

The Critics Corner

  • Believe

    Kelly Clarkson - a name that is commonly associated with American Idol is back with her eighth album, yet first under new label, Atlantic Records. Formerly signed under Idol’s label, RCA, Clarkson’s long-awaited Atlantic debut Meaning of Life promised a soul and R&B vibe. A promise that Clarkson succeeds at carrying through. Go »

  • Taylor Swift | Reputation- by Amaris Rodriguez

    It is hard to recall the last time the release of an album was as highly anticipated as Taylor Swift's sixth studio album, Reputation. The album was released on November 10th and had the entire world talking and taking notice of Swift and her return into the limelight....Go »

  • Believe

    But for Irish pop/rockers The Script, going two years between new music was something the doctor ordered.  Their newest release Freedom Child is certainly well worth the wait. ....Go »

  • Eminem | Revival- by Jake Boshold

    Eminem is very self-aware that fans and critics alike have not been very welcoming of his post-drug addiction material since his comeback in 2009. He shows that on the track “Walk on Water” featuring Beyoncé, the first single and opening track off of his ninth studio album, Revival.Go »

The Countdown Final Top 4

  • ImgOne Direction
  • Img5 Seconds Of Summer
  • ImgKat Graham
  • Img Demi Lovato

The Musiqtone Blog

The Spotlight | The Narrative & Lily & Madeleine


Everything is good with the world when you can double it up.  And this edition of The Spotlight brings the rare double where The Spotlight doesn’t hit up just one act that needs to be seen and heard by you, the music fan, but TWO.. Read More »

The Spotlight | Caleb Hawley

Megan & Liz

The Minneapolis native and Harlem transplant could be on the precipice of full on breakout mode, ready to charm audiences with his... Read More »

The NewsLog Presented By Musiqtone

Yellowcard reveals album title, set to go on tour

All Time Low

Fresh off a main line stint on this year’s Warped Tour, Yellowcard will continue on their road warrior ways with a fall co-headliner with Memphis May Fire.  Read More »

Maroon 5 announces tracklist, cover art for new album


It is certainly one of the most anticipated albums of 2014 and superstars Maroon 5 have finally unveiled cover art and the tracklisting for V, ...Read More »

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